Ремонт музыкальных инструментов, звукового и светового оборудования, музыкальный магазин в Люблино - Гурьянова, 30, 84997050606
+7 (499) 705-06-06
Moscow, 30 Guryanova st.
7 days a week: Mon-Sat 10:00-19:00, Sun 11:00-18:00
Maintenance, repairs, installation, lease, sales: music instruments, guitars, professional sound, studio, light, film, speakers, Hi-Fi, Hi-End equipment.
Гарантийный и послегарантийный ремонт музыкальных
инструментов, звука и света, аудио-видео аппаратуры 
и Hi-Fi техники.
Professional repairs of sound studio
Ремонт динамиков, восстановление диффузоров, обмотки, подвесов динамических головок - гарантия 1 год
Repairs, tuning, restauration of guitars and other string instruments
Магазин, продажа музыкальных инструментов,
Professional repairs of Hi-Fi and Hi-End equipment
     Muzikalniy Servis-Tsentr is an official service centre authorized in Moscow and Russia since 2002. It provides maintenance and repairs of professional music instruments, sound, light, studio, stage, film, DJ, audio and video, Hi-Fi, High End equipment.
     Muzikalniy Servis-Tsentr offers professional repairs of guitars, repairs of speakers, sound systems, digital and electronic pianos, studio monitors, active and passive speakers, synthesizers, keyboards, amplifiers, guitar amplifiers, valve amplifiers,guitar effects units, guitar effects pedals, guitar processors, mixing consoles, Roland vision switchers, sound cards, microphones, radio microphones, radio systems, sound processing systems, effect processors, DJ equipment, stage equipment, scanners, stroboscopes, laser blade heads, moving laser blade heads, fog machines, subwoofers, recorders, receivers, AV processors, CD players, DVD players, Blu-ray players, turntables, tuners, DACs, projectors, TV-sets.
     We provide all types of warranty and post-warranty repairs. Our professional service centre is authorised by the leading music equipment manufacturers Akai Pro, Akg, Allen & Heath, Alesis, Alto, Ampeg, Ashly, Audio-Technica, Avid, Apogee, Behringer, Casio, Bosch, Boss, BSS, Cerwin Vega, Chauvet, Crown, Dynacord, Dbx, DigiTech, ddrum, Denon DJ, Denon Pro, DV Mark, Direct Power Technology, Electro-Voice, Eden, ENGL, Fender, Gibson, Takamine, Epiphone, Focusrite, Zoom, Genelec, Hk Audio, Ibanez, JBL, K-Array, КАМ, Kawai, Korg, KRK, Lexicon, Line 6, Mackie, Manley, Marshall, Marantz Pro, Markbass, Martin Audio, Mesa Boogie, Numark, Novation, Peavey, QSC, Orange, Rockdale, Rocktron, Roland, , Sennheiser, Neumann, Pioneеr DJ, Shure, Soundcraft, Stanton, Tascam, Tc Electronic, Tc Helicon, Trace Elliot, Vox, Yamaha, as well as audio and video, Hi-Fi and High-End equipment Yamaha, Audiolab, B&W (Bowers&Wilkins), Cerwin-Vega, Classe, Clearaudio, Control4, Esoteric, Exposure, Genelec, Luxman, Meridian, Onkyo, Primaluna, PS Audio, Rotel, SIM2, SME, Sonos, Stanton, TEAC, Metz, NAD, Bluesound, Beyerdynamic, Velodyne acoustics, Avantgarde acoustic.
     Our highly qualified specialists are trained regularly, they have extensive experience in music instruments and sound equipmentmaintenance and repairs.
     Our service centre has all manufacturers manuals. We use original spare parts for repairing music equipment.
     Our service centre has all necessary work and storage spaces, allowing to deal with the equipment of any size. Our staff uses high-quality engineering, control and diagnostic tools, that help us to perform high quality services.
     Among our customers there are well-known musicians and performers, theatres and cinemas, clubs, restaurants, stadiums and performance centres, circuses, state and commercial TV-channels, film studios, sound recording studios, leading distributors and representatives of professional sound, light, and studio equipment.

A&T Trade (hi-fi,high-end,ci)
MixArt Distribution
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Musical Service-Center - repair of professional musical instruments ®
109388 Moscow 30 Guryanova st.
+7 (499) 705-06-06
7 days a week: Mon-Sat 10:00-19:00, Sun 1
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